ENF co-presidents Nicolas Bay MEP and Marcel De Graaff MEP


Since the first direct elections, the European parliament expanded significantly from 410 MEPs (1979) to 751 (2014) mainly due to the ascension of new member states and the Lisbon Treaty.

European Parliament has drawn up a report which aims at reshuffling its composition. Due to Brexit, European Parliament also has to decide on how to deal with the 73 British seats during the next term. Parliament will be voting on the legislative proposal stating to maintain and to redistribute a number of British seats as well as the establishment of transnational constituencies.

The ENF is against the use of British seats and against transnational constituencies.

The ENF argues for a reduction to 678 MEPs on the assumption that Brexit gives the opportunity of a corresponding reduction in Parliament’s operating costs.

On the issue of the transnational list, our opposition is clear and firm as it would create two different class of MEPs and would give the false impression of a more democratic Parliament. The ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ process is neither a contribution to transparency nor will it strengthen political awareness of European voters. Introducing such a system is a way to legitimize the belief that the system of the Spitzenkandidaten would be a ‘so-called’ democratic election of the President of the Commission, while, in fact, it continues to be an indirect imitation of a direct election by the population as a whole. These matters are to be dealt with on a national level, with respect for the cultural and political diversity of European nations and their voters. A transnational constituency neglects this and can in no way be an expression of this diversity, but actually is an additional manoeuver to enforce the compulsory federalism against the will of people and nations.

Press conference by Nicolas BAY (ENF, FR) and Marcel de GRAAFF (ENF, NL), ENF Group Leaders: ENF press briefing

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Statement concerning EY audit report 2016

ENF emphasizes the Ernst & Young report is a so-called ‘Qualified opinion’, meaning that our accounts are a truthful representation of reality, subject to some remarks. There is no question of fraud or cheating as expressly mentioned in this report.

Even though it is unusual that remarks of audits of European political groups appear in the report, ENF fully endorses this report.

The interpretation of tender procedures for political groups has been an ongoing problem in the European Parliament, but we received clarification with the 2016 audit.

Thanks to Ernst & Young’s co-operation we were able to further tighten our internal procedure in order to aim for an assessment without caveat for the audit of 2017 (a so-called ‘Unqualified opinion’).

Déclaration concernant le rapport d’E&Y pour l’année 2016

Le Groupe ENL (Europe des Nations et des Libertés) souligne que le rapport de l’auditeur Ernst & Young constitue une « opinion qualifiée » (qualified opinion) ce qui signifie que nos comptes déposés représentent de manière exacte et véridique la réalité, sous réserve de quelques remarques de cet auditeur. 

Il n’y a eu évidemment aucun cas de fraudes ou exemples d’un quelconque mauvais usage de ces fonds, comme le souligne expressément ce rapport.

Bien qu’il soit inhabituel que les remarques d’audits des groupes politiques au Parlement européen figurent dans les rapports, le Groupe ENL approuve ce rapport pour ses remarques.

L’interprétation des procédures d’appel d’offres pour les Groupes politiques étant un réel problème et de surcroît en discussion permanente au Parlement européen, nous saluons le fait de recevoir enfin des éclaircissements grâce aux conclusions d’audit et de l’avis d’E&Y pour la période 2016.

Avec Ernst & Young et grâce à nos propres et constantes améliorations internes, nous avons déjà pu renforcer notre procédure afin de viser une évaluation sans mise en garde pour la vérification comptable de l’année 2017 (une opinion dite « sans réserve » (unqualified opinion).

Video clip in honour of ENF’s first year anniversary of its constitution. Vidéo clip en honneur du premier anniversaire de la constitution du groupe ENF. Congress/Congrès Oostende 23-24th June/juin 2016.

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