Welcome message Janice Atkinson

I represent the south east of England in the ENF group, the only British member – for now.

I am proud of my country and its achievements down the centuries. I am not proud that we are members of the European Union.

I defend free speech, dislike political correctness, defend my country’s way of life, traditions and customs.

I am against uncontrolled immigration, choosing instead to welcome the brightest and best from around the world for people whose experience matches the jobs on offer.

I am against TTIP and one EU Commissioner negotiating trade deals on Britain’s behalf. Britain is a trading nation; we have the Commonwealth and would be better in negotiating our own trade deals as a one-size-fits-all EU approach does not work.

I want my Parliament to make its own laws, rather than the diktats handed down from an unelected EU Commission, resulting in 75% of our laws coming from the EU, bad laws that we can do nothing to repeal or reject.

I want to take back control of our fishing rights; defend our farmers; our food producers and our countryside. I want control over our taxation, VAT and foreign aid spending.

This is a war and I want my country back!


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