Every now and then there is a crime that hits the public and the political zeitgeist perfectly, that there are rights, and government policy, radical feelings. For the baby boomers in Germany, this crime was the murder of the Protestant student Benno Ohnesorg on June 2, 1967 in West Berlin. Ohnesorg was 26 years old, his young wife was waiting for her first husband and his first demonstration was his last. One exception that was never entirely clear was uncovered by an unprovoked attack on the head.

The uniformed murderer, Karl-Heinz Kurras, was a veteran of Hitler’s army, a substitute for all of that, young West Germans and their parents were hated and their crime outraged a whole generation. With “the blow that Germany will deal”, as millions believe, Ohnesorg became a martyr and inspired a left protest movement and even himself against the state of West Germany. Was this case really interesting, the fact that he was more than four years old as a fascist when it was so important to be one is actually a high-ranking spy – a mole – for the East German secret police, the extraordinary Stasi war . But like many others, that’s a different story.

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